CRISPR- Display

Understanding the Power of the CRISPR- Display

Scientists can access so many cool tools in this day and age. The stuff that John Rinn and his team are doing with long noncoding RNAs includes realms one could only dream of a few decades ago. When you look at a tool such as the CRISPR- Display, you can quickly see its power and true value in the eyes of the top researchers in the world.


The idea behind the CRISPR- Display is to create a system to enable further research into the long noncoding RNA space. It makes use of what is known as a nuclease deficient Cas9. It also uses other tools to allow for targeting of the long noncoding sequences. It was not long ago that it was the belief that a lncRNA was simply junk DNA. We now know that is not the case and the CRISPR- Display allows us a too further target, investigate, and help to define the functionality of these sequences.