Howard Chang Stanford Geneticist

Howard Chang Stanford Geneticist Team Aims to Figure Out Roles Genes Play

It was long thought that there was junk DNA within mammals. The junk DNA was known as long noncoding RNA or lncRNA. It was the Howard Chang Stanford Geneticist team that managed to figure out that these play an important role in the human genome and across all mammals. The research team at Stanford University School of Medicine continue to make discoveries in this space.


The findings of the Howard Chang Stanford Geneticist team were around that ancient RNA molecules can function, guide a variety of gene activities. This is all across the genome of a human. These molecules may also play a role in diseases, including cancer development, and the maintenance of stem cells. John Rinn, on the team, stated that “These ncRNAs have long been molecules of mystery.” Their research is starting to erase mystery and prove science fact.