John Rinn

  John Rinn and the Research Into LncRNAs

John Rinn and his team at the University of Colorado in Boulder CO continue their research into LncRNAs. What exactly is a lncRNAs and where do they fit into the world of science? It all comes down to RNA sequencing and the reality and discovery that non-coding of RNAs is the make-up of the vast majority of what is known as the transcriptome.


LncRNA as a Sequence


LncRNA sequences are also known as long non-coding RNAs. It is a large, vast set of RNA molecules. There are more than 200 nucleotides in total length, none of which encode proteins.


In terms of humans, the belief is that nearly 30,000 transcripts of them exist within each individual. They make up a vast part of the non-coding transcriptome.


The discovery of LncRNA is still in the very early stages. John Rinn and the team are leading the charge, working towards research in the LncRNA space.