John Rinn Harvard Geneticist

  John Rinn Harvard Geneticist and the Beginnings of the lncRNA Journey

The story of John Rinn goes back to his time as a professor at Harvard University. As John Rinn Harvard Geneticist, he began his work in the Department of Pathology and then the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology. While in these two departments, he made a focus on the topic of long noncoding RNA or lncRNA.


With the Rinn Lab, John Rinn some amazing mouse models and also figured out, discovered, three separate lncRNA molecules that are necessary to the survival of a mouse. He also believes, through his research, that the lncRNA may be what is necessary to get at the three-dimensional code of biology.


His time as the John Rinn Harvard Geneticist paved the way for what he continues to do with his research at the University of Colorado Boulder today. Noncoding genome matters and his research is opening up a whole new world for genetic regulation.