John Rinn LINC RNA

John Rinn LINC RNA and its Mysteries

There exist a great many mysteries still in the world of science. The John Rinn LINC RNA research continues to be one of them the team in Boulder, CO continues to work towards understanding. Where does the LINC RNA fit into the RNA molecules space, though? What is it about this class that makes them unique from something such as a long noncoding RNA or LncRNA?


The LINC RNA is also known as the long intergenic noncoding RNA. This long intergenic noncoding RNA have lengthy RNA transcripts. They have an identification that ties them to the genes of mammals. Heavy analysis continues to be done by the John Rinn LINC RNA team to look at the transcriptomic data, analyzing it for its biological information. It is known that there are thousands of the LINC RNA out there, but what they do in a functional sense remains a mystery. The Rinn Lab continues to push to understand as much as possible.