John Rinn LNc RNA

  John Rinn LNc RNA Team and Placing Relevancy of LNC RNA in Mammals

What is the relevancy of the LNC RNA in mammals? The John Rinn LNc RNA team is working on building out a database of LNC RNA and as of a few years ago, nearly 300 of them in total have reached the point of being functionally annotated. The goal towards next-generation sequencing of long noncoding RNAs and genes, in general, show that there are plentiful examples in mammals, thousands we have yet to fully document.


There has been a lot of work and research into the biological relevance of the long noncoding RNA within mammals around the world. John Rinn and the team continue to put this under the microscope to find answers in their research. While it appears as though the more LNC RNAs that are found in mammals are functional, there is yet to be true pinpointing of biological relevance to the vast majority of them. The work by the John Rinn LNc RNA team gets closer to the truth.