John Rinn Long Noncoding RNA

John Rinn Long Noncoding RNA and the Path to Their Understanding

The University of Colorado team in Boulder, CO continues to push to learn as much as possible for more John Rinn long noncoding RNA research. John Rinn and the Rinn Lab start with the basic concept of the RNA. An RNA, for those that do not know, is ribonucleic acid. It is a type of molecule, polymeric molecule to be exact, that is highly necessary for coding, regulation, as well as decoding of genes. It is one of the major parts of what makes life what it is on Earth today.


The John Rinn Long noncoding RNA research hones in on LncRNA is a type of RNA. The reason for the name long coding is that it has transcripts that have lengths that are more than 200 nucleotides in total. They do not translate into a protein either. The 200 limit is something of a subjective number, but it is one way to help differentiate these types of RNAs from smaller noncoding RNAs.