John Rinn Stanford Geneticist

John Rinn Stanford Geneticist Research and Discoveries of lncRNA and Impact on Health

John Rinn was a member of a research team at Stanford. The John Rinn Stanford Geneticist research was all around the concepts of long noncoding RNA or lncRNA. The research that was done by John Rinn while part of that team made paving the way to better understanding where these fit into the human genome.


His research is suggestive that the lncRNA may be the real key to getting the three-dimensional view of biology. The other big part of his research is uncovering how the lncRNA molecules have an impact on the health and even the development of diseases. Research by John Rinn and the John Rinn Stanford Geneticist research team has found that the molecules are essential to the ability for a mouse to live and how that translates to further understanding of the genome and their role is breathtaking.