John Rinn Yale Geneticist

What Led John Rinn Yale Geneticist To the Passion For lncRNA Research

Every top scientist in the world has a great story and that is exactly the case for John Rinn, leader of the John Rinn Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder. John Rinn or Dr. Rinn brings forth a unique approach to the science world. What he has a passion for the study of long noncoding RNA or lncRNA. He does this through ac combination of chemistry, genomics, as well as biophysics.


John Rinn has a great background and is a proud holder of a Ph.D. in biophysics and biochemistry from Yale University. As a graduate student during that part of his studies, he made a major discovery. He was one of the first in the science community to discover the lncRNA molecules and how they did not translate into proteins. What used to be known as junk DNA is now being shown to be quite important.