John Rinn YouTube

  John Rinn YouTube Videos and Uncovering Long Noncoding RNAs

The ability to see a leader in the science space speak used to be a difficult thing before YouTube was around. That has all changed with the evolution of digital media. Now, you can take a look at some of the amazing work of John Rinn YouTube video and quickly pull up his speeches, view his work, and gain a better understanding over his discoveries, beliefs, and more.


Some of the research done by John Rinn has led him to believe that lncRNAs may play a factor in the development of diseases, such as cancer. The functions these play in the human genome is important and transcribing each of them over time will be a task that continues for years to come. Understanding mammals and the human genome in a more three-dimensional view is what it is all about. To get a better sense check out the John Rinn YouTube videos to see his amazing work first-hand.