• John Rinn

It's a FACT Keda (Cody) Zhou joins the lab!

BS: Sun Yat-sen University, China

PhD: Dr. Karolin Luger lab, HHMI, CSU/UC Boulder

We are incredibly happy to have recruited Cody to the lab! During his thesis work Cody became an electron-microscopy ninja. Everything from establishing the single particle cryoEM platform and using it to solve the first cryoEM structure, CENP-A, in the Luger lab.

Cody was as fascinated as frustrated (impossible proteins to purify) with solving the structure of the FACT complex. This complex is required to remove histones from DNA so RNA-polymerase has a clear path forward. However, they are replaced right after – how this is possible --remained a fundamental biological question. Cody’s struggled over and over again to purify and resolve structures – his persistence resulted in a study published in Nature. This shed key new insights into this age-old question. Specifically, his work revealed that FACT removes histones, but further stabilizes them for immediate replacement.

Cody, has big vision and goals to apply these and other methods to better understand how RNA interfaces with chromatin – or chromatin on any level. Outside the lab, Cody thrives on biking and hiking throughout Colorado – when he is not watching NBA or soccer.

Welcome Cody we can’t wait to “see” your work !