University Of Colorado Boulder Bio Frontiers

University Of Colorado Boulder BioFrontiers is Paving the Future

Not every university is going to be the same. When you look at the biochemistry space, you have hundreds of universities around the world that just follow the trends. They teach the topics that appear relevant and try to follow what the other big leaders in the space are doing. You also then have trendsetters, which is where you want to be. The goal for students should be to hone in on the cutting edge of biochemistry and that is what you get as University Of Colorado Boulder BioFrontiers.


Being a pioneer, a frontier in the biochemistry space is all about pushing the boundaries of what is possible. It is about paving the future as a frontier and looking at things no university has done before. The University Of Colorado Boulder BioFrontiers included folks such as Howard Hughes Investigators, a Nobel Laureate, as well as members of the National Academy of Sciences. These individuals pushed the department to the forefront of the biochemistry space.