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The Art of Science Fellowship

The Art of Science fellowship (AOS) to bridge science and artistic expression (in any form). This fellowship provides an opportunity for students to work with a team of science and art professors/experts to learn more about scientific topics of interest and way of expressing them through art. We aim to help facilitate career opportunities and networking for future goals at the intersection of art and science. Overall our goal is to break down the barriers of science into principal components that are expressive in nature as they can be in art.

2023 AOS Fellows Application


2023 Application

Are you an artist that is curious about the life sciences? Have you ever wanted to express science through visual or spoken art?


Would $5,000 and a science faculty mentoring team help you in your quest?


The Art of Science fellowship provides an opportunity to learn the science of your interest and pave a path towards new artistic expression. We aim to break down the barriers of science to the principal components that are expressive in nature as they can be in art.


No scientific background required! We have assembled a mentoring team including Anil Rao (Metro State), Megan Lazorski (Metro State), Megan Filbin (Metro State), Catherine Musselman (CU Anschutz), and John Rinn (CU Boulder). Art of science fellows will meet with the mentoring team once a month for one year. The goal of the mentoring committee is to teach science in an accessible and inquisition-based manner. Moreover, the committee will seek other faculty members to further expand the dimensions of scientific learning and in turn the expression of the learned science.


2023 Art of Science Fellows are being solicited for two fellowships ($5,000 ea).


(i) Written/Spoken Scientific Art.


(ii) Visual Art.


* These categories are purposefully vague as we encourage all artistic talents to apply!


The two Art of Science fellows will work with the faculty mentoring committee (monthly) to explore a scientific topic(s) of their choosing. The mentoring committee will help the fellow further explore possible career opportunities during the fellowship. We aim to facilitate, if relevant, possible new career paths that are often not typically advertised or known.


Ultimately, the fellows’ art will be promoted and presented in a final presentation. 


Eligibility criteria: Applicants should be in their junior year or earlier. Applicants demonstrating financial need will be given priority. Applicants need to be in an institution in the United States as it is now funded by the National Science Foundation.


Application Process:


The deadline is March 30, 2023 please submit application materials to Fellows will be notified in April and start May 1, 2023 (with flexibility).


(I) Please submit a one-page proposal answering the following:

What intrigues you about science?
From your perspective, is science inaccessible to nonscientists? Please describe why or why not.”
How could the Art of Science Fellowship facilitate your education or career?
Provide a brief statement that explains your financial need.

(II) Submit a representative piece of your art.


The University of Colorado does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the education programs or activities it operates or in employment.  Inquiries to the University of Colorado concerning the application of Title IX and its implementing regulation may be referred to the campus Title IX coordinator at  or to OCR at: 



2021-22 AOS Fellows


Mika Futz


Mika Futz studied Environmental Design at the University of British Columbia. Upon graduating, she was selected for the Design Excellence Award and worked in architecture and urban design before returning to school to pursue a career in medicine. She currently attends MSU Denver and works as a patient care coordinator for individuals with degenerative neurological conditions.


To Mika, the Art Of Science Fellowship (AOSF) represents an opportunity to explore the intersection of public outreach, visual art, and education. She aspires to merge her creative and scientific background to create actionable and accessible visual communication through Sci-Fi and comic book aesthetics. Looking to the future, Mika seeks to apply creative problem-solving and interdisciplinary collaboration learned through AOSF to tackle barriers to care and improve individual and community health outcomes.

Care to collaborate? Check out Mika's work and get in touch here: or @Mika_SciArt

Mia Miller


Mia Miller is a tattooist and independent illustrator based out of Denver. After multiple tattoo apprenticeships, Mia started an associate in ecology before deciding to pursue her current BS in biology pathway at the Metropolitan University of Denver. Mia currently specializes in graphic and tattoo design, as well as book illustration. After graduation, she hopes to enter a graduate program to become an accredited medical illustrator. 


Mia believes the Art of Science Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to explore interdisciplinary  problem-solving and career opportunities. Mia has always been interested in considering new ways to make education, art, and science more widely accessible both in and out of an academic setting. This fellowship has provided crucial resources and guidance towards making these goals possible. 


Care to collaborate? Check out Mika's work and get in touch here: Twitter: @SMorbidus

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